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More To Come

by Julie Keon on March 31st, 2014

My writing is sporadic. The hectic-ness of everyday life keeps my head spinning and my heart pounding to the point that inspiration doesn’t stand a chance. I am so busy at times that it is like a whirlwind and I know, deep down, that some part of me thrives on that energy.
The book is coming along and is now being edited in portions which makes the reality of it far more tangible. Ten more chapters to do some finishing work on and then they, too,  will be off to the editor. I am really starting to believe that it might actually materialize into a book I can hold in my hands by the fall. Now I must begin the challenging step of finding a publisher. I want to go the old fashioned route by actually having it published by a company although I am always open to suggestions. I have never written a book and I may never write another. As the end draws nearer, I have actually entertained the possibility of writing another book. I am pretty sure I was drinking when I had that fleeting thought.
My goal this spring, though, is to write more here, at this blog, while simultaneously finishing my book. I think the usual life expectancy of a blog is around 2 years and I can see why. There is an abundance of topics and things to get off your chest and out of your mind when you start out. In the beginning you want to post  several times per week and even daily but over time most can’t keep up that pace. I am always amazed at the bloggers who write every single day. There is a lot going on in my head but certainly not enough to write something really interesting on a daily basis.
I guess the point of this post is to hopefully connect with those of you who still check back once in a while only to discover I still haven’t written a new post. I hope to post at least once per week and maybe more. This winter has been the never-ending winter from hell here and today the sun shone and things were melting. I didn’t wear a jacket today for the first time since September and everyone seemed to be smiling and a little on the giddy side. I feel invigorated and ready to take on the world. My brain feels like it is awakening from a long, restless sleep.
More to come. Hope you stick around.

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  1. Julie, I think you should submit your MS to every Canadian publisher! Before you do, make sure you have a couple of early readers offer opinions – I found that really helpful and I have been an early reader for other authors (and I would love to be an early reader for you too). There is a need and a huge appetite for your book – it will be a poignant story full of wisdom that all parents and grandparents will relate to. A blog is fun and it’s great discipline too! It gets a lot easier when you’ve finished the book because then you have more time to listen to “Ideas” on CBC and reflect on other peoples’ stories you listen to throughout the day 🙂

  2. still here! happy to check in when I notice you have added a new post. thanks for the update and congrats on the progress you’ve made on your manuscript!
    best wishes

  3. Lana permalink

    Will always be here! Write when you can.

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