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Due Date

by Julie Keon on April 24th, 2015

With just under two weeks to go until my first book launch date, I have to say that releasing this book feels like I am about to give birth to that second child we never got to have. This journey of writing for the last three years and attempting to put words down that would hopefully bring some relief to new parents walking this path of parenting has been nothing short of a labour of love. As the words spilled out, I realized that this book had the potential to positively impact not only the new parents whom I wrote it for initially but also everyone who comes in contact with families like ours from therapists, to doctors and nurses to family relief workers, teachers, educational assistants and our extended family and friends who love us.
If writing and publishing a book is akin to birthing, I would say that my pregnancy has been smooth although lengthy. Once the book was completed in early December 2014 and we began the process of editing and preparing it for press, I felt as though my labour had been initiated.  Labour was arduous at times but definitely do-able and manageable with the support of my “doulas” in the form of my husband, Tim, our family relief workers and nurses who cared for Meredith allowing me time and space to work on the book and in my friends and family members who never doubted me even when I was certain there was absolutely no way this book would ever reach completion.
Now, just under two weeks from my “due date” I feel as though I am running out of time and I am questioning whether or not I am ready to actually do this and release this “baby” to the world. I feel excited and anxious, vulnerable and empowered. I feel as though I am in nesting mode~ tying up loose ends and getting my summer ceremonies written well in advance in anticipation of the attention my post-book period is going to require. And as all labouring mothers can attest to, even in the darkest most challenging moments, there is always the knowledge that their baby will be born one way or another. There is a point of no return when you realize that THIS is actually happening!  Receiving these photos from my publisher last night, made my “baby’s” birth all the more imminent.


Yes….those are the pages of MY book being printed!!


And these are my books ready to be packaged and shipped out today!

My motivation for writing this book was to help those parents living this life in isolation with their child who is dealing with medical fragility or special needs. In the end, if this book makes a difference in their outlook on what lies ahead, if it gives them hope and if they gain a few insights that allow them to be gentle with themselves, then all of the hard work, blood, sweat and tears was worth it. We never know who our children will grow up to be. I am excited to see  how my “baby” develops and grows.
Information about buying the book:
For those of you who live in Ontario, here are the book launch dates/ locations:
COBDEN: Wed. May 6th from 7-9pm at the Whitewater-Bromley Community Health Centre, 70 Main Street. Launch and reading!
OTTAWA: Fri. May 8th from 7-9pm at Singing Pebble Books, 206 Main Street. Launch and reading!
TORONTO: Sat. May 9th from 1-3pm at Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital, 150 Kilgour Road. Launch plus live interview and Q&A.
For those of you locally, who cannot make any of the launches, you can purchase the book directly from me for a limited time. I will also be at Arts in the Park in Stittsville on June 7. A link will be up soon on this website to the publisher’s website where you can also purchase books after May 15th. E-books will be available soon. Don’t hesitate to reach me if you have questions or have difficulty getting your copy of my book.

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  1. Lana permalink

    Woohoo! Can’t wait to hold my newest “niece”? ‘nephew’? In my own two hands!

  2. Joan permalink

    This is so exciting, Julie! I’ve never been to a book launch of an author I know personally. I believe your book will do exactly what you hope for … an inspiration to parents and a guide to all. Enjoy your ‘nesting’ mode … you have a busy time ahead of you. Stars come from little towns all over the world …. in this case, Cobden along with the great guy from Norway Bay!!

  3. All I can say as you enter into this final stage is: papapapaPAAA! Words of wisdom from the best doula in the world.

  4. Loanna permalink

    So excited for and amazed by you! Xo

  5. I discussed above that there are 7 active components (I’m guessing that is why it’s
    called FX7).

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